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Our completely outsourced service takes the headache out of managing an internal SDR team. With guaranteed results, you can be sure to have a constant flow of pipeline.

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Meetings Guaranteed

One of our clients outsourced their SDR function to us taking 2 of our callers full time. Over a period of 6 months, they generated 188 appointments resulting in £3.4 million worth of pipeline.



Meetings Made


worth of pipeline
An Extension of your Sales Team

You have dedicated callers so they work full time as an extension of your department. They will know your messaging proficiently and will be able to deliver from your entire portfolio. You dictate the campaign and we work with you to ensure you are tackling your new business goals effectively.

A little more than Sales Appointments

Our expert team is trained to get the most out of every contact point, driving towards getting you in front of decision-makers that matter most. Profiling companies and qualifying out unsuitable prospects, these types of campaigns result in a holistic view of your target market, allowing you to leverage the information further down the line.


True Cost of Employment
Use Our full calculator to find out your true cost of hire

Hiring an internal SDR is more than just about the salary and how much commission they will be earning. To get a full grasp on just how much a singular hire can cost, use our full calculator via the link below. A lot of the time it makes sense to outsource often a risky part of the business and take the headache out of inside sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Fully outsourcing your SDR unit can be a daunting task but with almost 20 years’ experience in this sector, you are in safe hands.
What is the size of a POC?

For the campaign to be effective and allow enough ramp up time we run a minimum POC of 2 months. This allows the SDR to familiarise themselves with the message, form pipeline and secure appointments.

How can I use the agent?

Ultimately the agent is there to assist your new business efforts. As a default they will be set about setting up appointments for your sales team to attend however if you feel their time would be better-spent profiling, sourcing new companies or following up on leads then just shout!


What is the skill level of the caller?

All of our callers will have a minimum of 12 months of high-level B2B sales experience and have been through our own Sales Academy. This is a 3-month process that teaches them everything they need to excel. That being said if you are looking for a caller with familiarity with any given area, sector, or field then just let us know.

How long does it take to set up?

In the beginning, we aim to build the strongest foundation possible. This would mean a preparation schedule of around 4 weeks. In this time we will be building out the data set, with your help; briefing the caller, setting up assistive IT, etc.



Why would I need someone full time?

Using a full-time caller enables quality and volume in a different league. Our caller will become an expert on everything you offer, improving the qualification levels of the appointments you receive and easing your target pressures.


How do you prospect?

We start by building out the data set, taking our time to identify decision-makers and possible influencers at the company. Following this we go on to profile each company individually, uncovering any pain points along the way. Finally, if they qualify then we will close them for a follow-up sales appointment.

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